In the Dirt is lead, run, and organized by volunteers willing to serve others and partake in “Ministry to the Body.” If you are ready to participate, here are some “needs” that In the Dirt has. We would love to have you serve!

Trailboss responsibilities
Being a trail boss is a great way to meet everyone in the group and really expose yourself to connecting! Don’t let leading rides scare you off from being a trail boss. The trail boss organizes and coordinates the weekend activities. See Trail Boss Guide below for more details.

(anybody with a digital cam and the ability to send photos/videos electronically)
1. Take pictures and/or shoot video that can be used for the website. E-mail Wendy Northrup at NorthrupW@att.net if you are willing and/or able to assist with this responsibility.

First Aid
If you are trained in CPR, first aid, or have medic experience, then we would love for you to be part of this team. By nature, this team is always ready and prepared. However, we are quite good at keeping them free to ride and spend time with their families. (Our goal is to never have to call upon them). If you can assist with the upkeep of the first aid kit and the readiness of this medical team, please e-mail Dave Kearley at davekearley@yahoo.com or John Northrup at jonorthrup@cox.net.

Jackrabbits Youth Activities
This group of very appreciated individuals helps keep our kids entertained and busy. They are not baby sitters. They are volunteers willing to help organize youth rides, games around camp, and on occasion a Bible study lesson geared for our youth to coincide with our “fireside chat.”

Our database coordinator stays very busy keeping up with all the new families in this growing ministry. If you have any questions regarding our roster, please contact Karin Murray at kmur100@gmail.com. Karin produces a diagram of who is who, based on where they are camped on a given trip. This is very helpful in remembering names!

Trailboss Guide
Our monthly rides are led by different individuals (Trail-Bosses). The following list is meant to help them so that everybody makes it to the camping spot and we all have a safe and fun weekend. Often times these responsibilities are shared among many individuals/families.
1.Help select a ride location and verify that the location is legally open for us to ride at least a month ahead of time so we can reschedule if need be.
2.The trail boss makes sure a map gets on the website at least a few weeks ahead of time so we all know where we are going.
3.The trail boss is the first one to get to camp and set up signs/directional arrows that help everyone find camp.
4.Make sure everyone gets a personal welcome when they arrive!
5.Everyone loves an organized trail ride, but they are not mandatory. Do not let an organized ride scare you off from being a trail boss. Kids rides are always a favorite! A one mile loop with a trail of 15 kids is always fun to see! If you choose to lead an organized trail ride, a good suggestion would be to pick a destination 10-15 miles from camp and chart a route ridable for all levels. If you want other ideas for organizing trail rides please contact Robert Murry at robert.s.murray@citi.com or Matt Richter at matt@wearableimaging.com.
6.Coordinate people to bring enough firewood for Friday and Saturday night.
7.Assume responsibility for cleaning up our campsite and/or signs on the way out. Leave our site better then we found it. Tread lightly!

Would you like information regarding the next In The Dirt ride? E-mail Matt Richter @ matt@wearableimaging.com or Robert Murray @ robert.s.murray@citi.com