Camp Rules

Camp Rules

Due to the growth of our In The Dirt Ministry group over the years a few camp rules have been created to keep our kids and our camp areas safe.

  1. Keep motorcycle quad speed under 10mph in camp
  2. Wear your helmets at all times. EVEN IN UTVS: its now the law. Remember who is watching us (our kids)
  3. In camp, please keep your dogs leashed. There are lots of dogs and lots of little kids. AND YES, even if your dog is friendly, please keep them on a leash and clean up after your dog.
  4. Generator “quiet hours” are from 10pm – 7am. If you know that you will need to run your generator later or earlier than this, simply camp on the outside perimeters of camp. Freezing wives and crying babies are granted amnesty to this rule on occasion.
  5. No drugs at ITDM camp. Worship your God, not your alcohol.
  6. Leave the camp area cleaner than you found it. Pick up all camp markers and signs on the way out.  NEVER BURN trash in a camp fire.  NEVER dump black tanks in the desert.If you need help here, check out these sites:

Camp Suggestions 

  1. When riding far from camp, ride with a friend. Never ride in unfamiliar areas alone.
  2. Desert riding can be full of surprises. Ride prepared. (full gas tank, tools, tow strap, GPS, water).
  3. Attend the campfire bible study on Saturday night when possible. This isn’t a rule, but we sure would love to see you out there after dinner on Saturday nights. This is an important fellowship time for our group.

Remember that we as individuals and as a group represent Christ. We should always be aware that when we wear the ITDM gear and fly the ITDM flags/stickers that we are to be examples of Christ in everything we do.